Friday, 31th May 2019

The Apericena (formed by adding ‘cena’ – dinner – to ‘aperitivo’) is a unique Italian tradition of getting together around food and drinks to informally meet, talk and laugh.  To give congress delegates a truly local experience we are offering an Apericena in place of our usual formal congress dinner. It will involve a buffet of homemade hot and cold dishes with evening drinks, substantial enough to constitute a light dinner, at a relatively light price so that everyone is able to participate and connect.  In recent years the official congress dinner has not been well attended, perhaps because of the price of such an event. So to stay true to our conference theme ‘towards a more inclusive society’, we are experimenting with a new approach. We do hope you will come and join us.  Salute.





CCI joined the Project FOOD FOR GOOD: the project of recovery of surplus food from organized events by Federcongressi&eventi in collaboration with Banco Alimentare and Equoevento.

The project is simple, does not require a great effort or costs, and complies with Italy’s Good Samaritan law (Law 155/2003).

Through Banco Alimentare and Equoevento, the Association contacts the heads of catering companies in touch with the non-profit organisation located in the region in which their event is taking place, so that they can collect the surplus food at the end of the lunch or dinner.

The recovered food is then delivered to charitable organizations (family homes, soup kitchens and refugee centers).






A tour of the city and its wonderful examples of baroque buildings and futuristic architectures. Art and history are very much at home in Turin, and this can be seen

by the city’s museums and palazzos, its piazzas, courtyards and churches, its historic relics and avant-garde pieces, its traditions and its progress. You will enjoy the beauty of its historical centre from the Roman origins to the breathtaking Piazza Castello with the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama, the Cathedral and the splendid Baroque Palaces.

Available every day, anytime

Length: 2 hrs 30 min

Rate per person (min 20, max 30 people per group): € 18,00

Rate includes: guide, entertainment, whispers



Guided visit to the Royal Palace, with its 16th-Century facade and its richly-decorated interiors, residence of the Dukes of Savoy. Designed by Amadeo di Castellamonte, it is the home of a true jewel: the Stairs of the Scissors, by Filippo Juvarra. Sumptuously decorated (Baroque, Rococo or Neoclassical), it also

includes the Royal Armoury, with arms that will be appreciated by fans of old or recent weapons.

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 2 hrs

Rate per person (min 20, max 25 people per group): € 28,00

Rate includes: guide, entrance fees, whispers



Fifteen metres below the city the tunnels of the citadel, the ancient catacombs of the oldest churches, the famous Royal ice depots under Porta Palazzo and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are waiting for you to discover their mysteries, on the sites of gory murders which have never been solved….

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 3 hrs

Rate per person (min 30, max 50 people per group): € 29,50

Rate includes: private coach, guide, entrance fees



Guided visit to the best leading attraction of Turin, the Egyptian Museum, the most important in the world after the one in Cairo. More than 30,000 items narrate 5000 years of history through art, religion and daily life in the time of the great pharaohs.

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 2 hrs

Rate per person (min 20, max 25 people per group): € 30,00

Rate includes: guide, entrance fees, whispers



Guided tour of the Cinema Museum, the only one in Italy and the most important one of the world, located inside the Mole Antonelliana, the historic building representing the city of Turin. The lift features crystal walls, allowing visitors to have a unique view of this marvellous building. From the balcony you have an unforgettable panorama of the city and its surrounding hills and mountains.

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 2 hrs

Rate per person (min 20, max 25 people per group): € 30,00

Rate includes: guide, entrance fees, whispers


Guided visit to Venaria Hunting Palace, one of the most enchanting Royal Palaces of the world, protected by UNESCO. It represents one of the most significant examples of the magnificence of architecture and art in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 3 hrs

Rate per person (min 40, max 50 people): € 45,00

Rate includes: private coach, guide, whispers, entrance fees



Guided full day tour of the most important area for the Piedmontese wine&food tradition.

Guided visit to Racconigi Castle, location for Royal holidays, the last of the delightful residences built in the surroundings of Turin during the Baroque period. The castle site is distinguished by its majestic architecture and interiors, which contain splendid cabinets, frescoes, decorations, statues, stuccoes, chandeliers, flooring and a large collection of paintings – yet also for the wealth and beauty of its natural setting with the splendid park, the lake, the Margaria and greenhouse.

Typical lunch.

In the afternoon, transfer to La Morra, to admire the marvelous panorama on the 11 villages producing Barolo, and Barolo, for a walking tour of this splendid Medieval town, followed by a guided tour and wine tasting in one of the most famous wine cellars of the area.

Available from Tuesday to Sunday

Length: 9 hrs

Rate per person (min 40, max 50 people): € 130,00

Rate includes: private coach, guide, entrance fees, lunch (1 glass of wine included), wine tasting



For information and reservation, please feel free to contact: